4 Things You Need to Know about Vaping


Are you thinking of vaping? If so, you should find this article useful. Here, we are going to look at five things that every vaper should know about vaping before they start doing it. It’s important that you understand these four points, because they will help you to work out if vaping is right for you, or not.

1: You Should Only Take Up Vaping as a Replacement to Smoking

Whilst vaping is considered safe, it is still too new as a technology for us to be sure of its long-term effects. For this reason, you should really only start vaping if you need to and unless you’re addicted to nicotine, there’s really no need to pick up the mantle of vaping.

Many people view vaping as cool, and they start doing it the same way many of us started smoking: out of curiosity and a need to look cool. This is silly because there may be health effects from vaping of which we are currently unaware.

2: You Can Add Nicotine to Vape Juices

Many people don’t realise that you can add nicotine to vape liquid, and so they fail to realise it as a potential alternative to smoking. Many of the e-liquids that you buy online already have nicotine added, but not all of them do.

If you’re taking up vaping as a replacement to cigarettes, then make sure that you choose a juice with an adequate amount of nicotine. If you don’t do that, you will still crave cigarettes, and so the vaping won’t work as you wanted it to.

3: PG Can Irritate the Throat

Propylene Glycol (PG) is the part of the e-juice liquid that gives you the throat hit. Within e-juices, PG is balanced with VG (vegetable glycerine). Different juices have different concentrations of each, and these differences are intended to cater to different people’s preferences.

If you find that your juice is irritating your throat, and you’re thinking of giving up vaping and returning to cigarettes, then just check your juices. If they have a high PG content, then it could simply be that your throat is irritated by that, and not by vaping itself.

To see if that’s the case, simply buy a new juice that contains a higher VG ratio and see if that helps. Premium E-Liquidvape juice containing more VG than PG is much gentler on the throat.

Additionally, some people can experience slight allergies to PG. if you experience a problem with your vape juices, it could simply be a reaction to the PG, rather than anything inherently wrong with vaping itself.

4: You Can Make Your Own Juices

Nowadays, it’s possible to buy PG, VG, flavouring, and nicotine juice separately. This means that you can make your own juices and tailor them to your tastes. This is a relatively complex process because you need to steep your juices (i.e. leave them to brew for a few days to weeks).

As long as you’re aware that the juices take time to develop, you can create your perfect blends. Aside from steeping, it’s simply a matter of measuring out the various constituents of the juice in a way that suits your tastes. It’s also much cheaper to make your own.

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