Air Purifier Efficiency in HEPA Air Cleaners



The defacto standard of air purification is Hepa filtration system efficiency. You will notice HEPA air cleaners proudly marketed with this 99.97% efficient at .3 micron rating. This really is at the same time true and misleading.


That efficiency rating is perfect for the Hepa filtration system material itself, and not the air purifier that utilizes it. In certain HEPA based air cleaners around 40% to 50% of air entering the cleanser may really bypass the filter water bottle humidifier. Reasons vary from poor sealing from the filter within the housing, cracks within the filter media as well as deliberate design to lessen backpressure with an inferior motor.


It’s agreed that Hepa filtration system air cleaners do supply the best overall air purification. However, it’s essential to know the term HEPA shouldn’t equal immediate trust from the purifier utilizing it. You have to examine any air purifier you’re thinking about having a more critical eye.


Certain air purifier manufacturers have built their status on offering just the greatest quality air purifiers. My own favorites are IQAir, Allerair, BlueAir and Austin Air.


Of air purifier manufacturers, IQAir has especially set itself apart. IQAir provides you with certification of the air purifier efficiency like a complete system. Which means you can know precisely how clean the environment is the fact that exits the air purifier. Hopefully eventually consumer pressure or regulation leads to all manufacturers doing exactly the same. Only then can anybody be sure we’re getting what we should are having to pay for.

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