Best Places to Visit in Belgrade


Belgrade signifying ‘White City’ — could be the capital of the Republic of Serbia. Different varieties of engineering rule the town while its new resurgence as the key center point in south-eastern Europe helps it be an unquestionable requirement objective.

From the old strongholds, momentous history and rich culture to the delectable cooking and dynamic nightlife they’re only a portion of the attractions in Belgrade!

The capital of Serbia gets progressively well-known among individuals in one side of the planet to one other, and all things considered, Belgrade never disappoints.Whether you are visiting Belgrade to party, to investigate its way of life, or for work, you’ll definitely get yourself a warm gladly received.

Kalemegdan is just a crown jewel of Belgrade. It is a beautiful  green area and a fortress with an impressive view over New Belgrade and the Sava and Danube confluence.The entire area houses museums, galleries, restaurants, sport courts and a Belgrade Zoo. It’s easy to see why Kalemegdan is the favorite attraction for both locals and tourists.Skadarlija became not only the place with some of the finest restaurants in Belgrade, but also a major tourist attraction.

Knez Mihailova is Belgrade’s main shopping area and the longest pedestrian street. You can find always things to complete around here.Numerous shops, restaurants and bookstores are tucked in classy 19th-century buildings with delicate facades. Street painters, jewelry makers and musicians are making sure this street stays one of the most vibrant and interesting in the city.With its narrow streets and well preserved architecture, Zemun is just a treat to discover on foot. Danube quay is just around the corner, with lots of nice restaurants where you can chill and enjoy the fresh river breeze.The Gardos tower or Millennium tower is just a true symbol of Zemun.

Museum of Yugoslav history is just a must-see attraction.Besides the museum, you are able to visit the House of flowers. Ada Ciganlija is a wonderful river island that’s artificially been turned into a peninsula.

Nikola Tesla museum, Avala Tower, Church of the Holy Mother of God (Crkva Ruzica) and St. Sava Temple are other attractive places to visit. Visit Belgrade for more tourist attractions, sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, water sports and day trips. Also visit Wiki Travel Belgradefor more information.


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