Everything About Portable Pod System For Vapers

The world of vaping is changing considerably. Every now and then new devices are coming up that is checking new makes for the vapers to experience something new. In fact, the world of tobacco has been growing bigger and bigger. From cigalikes to vape pencils, from vape pencils to tube mods and now to portable pod system, the vape world has seen it all.

For many years, the vapers have preferred a tool that would pack more batteries so they really vape longer. However, with the need to vape all the time, carrying bigger devices became an issue thereby giving rise to smaller pod systems or vape pods.

Now as the name suggests, the device is extremely manageable, simple and will be offering a satisfying vaping experience. In some ways, these are the modern equivalent to the cigalikes, but have an overabundance potential.

What are Vape Pod Systems?

Now, as the name suggests these are e-cigarettes that makes use of the pod as opposed to the atomizers. They do the same job of holding the e-liquid and vaporize it to provide the watery vapor through the mouthpiece. However, they often come with a smaller capacity of 1 or 2ml, but some pods are bigger. Talking about these pods, STIG pods are among the most popular pod systems available for the vapers.

The pod systems are usually pushed into place in the the top of device and retrieve when needed. However, the rest of computer is just like e-cigarettes. In comparison to the mods, the battery is smaller. Most of it having a capacity of 300mAh, but some can also be bigger. The battery capacity usually lets you know how long it would last. In other words, they less battery than the vape pencils (around 650mAh) and more than cigalikes(around 200mAh).

There are variations in vape pod systems. For instance, the STIG pods are all-in-one throw away pod systems. It comes with zero maintenance and will be offering instant which can be rush. In fact, these also haven’t any buttons or buttons. You need to hold it near the mouth, breathe in and that is all. vapeando.info

Open Or Closed Pod Systems

When talking about portable pod system, you must know there are two types- open and closed pod systems. The closed pods usually work like the cartomizer for a cigalike type device. For instance, it comes loaded with e-liquid and you cannot re-fill it. So, you need to throw it away when you are done vaping. The perks of using such a device, it is really easy to use. However, you need to pick up your flavor accordingly since it comes pre-filled.

The open pod system, on the other hand, is refillable and quite similar to the container. So, you get the chance of filling it with your favorite liquid as and when you want to. This gives you the flexibility. But you need to note that these still cannot cope with the higher VG e-juices.

Overall, the vape pod systems such as the STIG pods and other similar pod systems come packed with features and suitable for new vapers and ex-smokers alike.

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