Ultimate Guide for Preparing PMI-ACP Certification Exams


Getting the right certification is very crucial. The certificate data means your capabilities and skills in the working atmosphere. If mobile is the certificate holder with a Unique Identity which is highly respectable because of his accomplishments. Project management is one of the hotspots of the management sector in today’s generation as a lot of companies have shown interest in projects.

What is PMI- ACP

Most of the management has adopted methodologies to enhance the productivity and profitability of the company. These methodologies have been made considering all the possible situations a company might face while working on a project. The methodology that has a emerged most successful is agile methodology. A person who has a certification is referred to as an agile certified professional. This certification is provided by the project management institute (PMI). This certificate reflects the person’s high Scale knowledge and skills the person processes about the subject. Certified agile professional has a lot of unique skills that allows him to step out of the box while working in the organization.

Function of an Agile Certified Professional in an organization

The methodology is a framework of working procedure which eliminates the risk while working in the organization to obtain successful projects. An agile professional has a lot of functions in an organization. The primary focus of the professional is to ensure great communication in an organization. This communication is established through face-to-face meetings which help in monitoring and moderating the working procedure. The manager brings the employees to adjust and adapt to changes that come with the change in market as business is completely dynamic in nature. Agile methodology is truly unique because it comes with the duration and encourages short time delivery to obtain great customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction has always been the primary goal of the manager as it helps in establishing the company in the market and expand itself. The professional provides direction to the team working on the project obtain great efficiency. The manager constantly motivates and values the work of the employees to extract their highest capability which will enhance the quality and quantity of production. Agile methodologies function from the basement and helps in eliminating any form of risks. This helps in tackling any form of adverse situations that the company might have to come across.

How to get the certification?

For getting the certification, the candidate would have to get a proper training. the training should include basic knowledge and skills that are required for working in the organization. It should also tell the basic fundamental of agile methodology to the candidate. Then the candidate would have to sit for an examination which consists of 120 multiple questions. The allotted time period for answering the questions is 3 hours. Most of the questions are situational which allows the candidate to think critically. On successfully passing the test, the candidate gets the certification from the project management institute.


The complete guide for the certification

It is extremely crucial to create a structural plan for starting the preparations for certification of PMI-ACP. The person should create a basic structural planning which should follow step by step to attain successful results. Gathering of proper study material is extremely essential as it provides you with the basic knowledge and skills that are required for answering the questions in examination. Which study material, it becomes crucial to plan the preparation structurally from the basic to conceptual topics on the subject? One should ensure that he completes the requirements that is necessary for setting the examination, requirements include at 21 hours agile training which consists of all the basic knowledge and skills. The person who does not meet the requirements is not eligible to sit for the examination. Scheduling the examination is very important it as it helps you in completing your preparations in the accurate phase of time. The candidate has to complete the audit process and verify all the required documents that have been asked by the project management institute. The first and should always revise the topics before sitting for the examinations and it is highly advisable to take online quizzes and mock tests to be familiar with the question pattern of the examinations.


This is the complete guide for an aspiring candidate how to prepare for the PMI-ACP certification. This preparation structure and answers the chance of successfully passing the examination for getting the certification.


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