Your Day Nursery – Tips on how to Prepare your Child’s Integration

It’s now the minute to get back to work, the post-childbirth period made it possible to pass some precious time together with our child but… the resumption of work entails preparing the kid to detach from his / her first reference figure: us. As a result of many variables that can stimulate emotional stress, starting the day nursery the day nursery has to happen gradually, respecting the child’s times.

In order to facilitate this process, it’s advisable to complete some work ahead of time, a few weeks before first date you might take some daily walks over the route that you will decide to try reach the crèche. Children, if they’re still little, when they’re seven to eight month day nurseries, can recognise spaces around them. So, walking along that road is really a way of making the kid acquainted with the route, giving an expression of serenity and confidence. We could show the kid something that can strike his / her imagination, as an example, a fountain, a bell tower, a train or perhaps a tram passing in the surroundings. They’re small aspects that little boys and girls also look closely at and make them identify a place with something nice and reassuring.

Every single day, we can go further on, and physically show the kid the crèche building, describing to him or her the colours, windows, roof and finally cross the crèche threshold. Then, on the established day, there’s the true entry: a variable period of few days, during which the kid will come into contact and familiarize him- or herself with the environment, the games and educators. Each structure has its rules, which are communicated upon admission and which the kid will get to know. Usually, the very first day the kid will always be in the crèche only for one hour and, day after day, time will end up longer and the absence of mom is likely to be “tested “.Here is the most delicate moment and children’s reactions are different. Some become inured immediately, others need longer. For certain, showing our child that, during the very first days, we are not there for brief periods and then are back, can give the kid lots of confidence.

Starting the day nursery tends to generate less problems than nursery school. Younger children can adapt themselves easier, however if the child shows some serious difficulties of inclusion, consider, if necessary, the possibility of leaving the kid with a nanny or perhaps a grandparent until he or she is ready.

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