Youth Sports Today – Joe Tomlin’s Thoughts?

When you think about contact What Sports, the main ones that spring to mind are boxing and hockey. MMA is one of the most hated sports. It is often called barbaric and dangerous. Although there is a high risk of bodily injury, there are many ways to make it more secure. In its nearly 17-year history, there have been two deaths. Both deaths are consistent with pre-existing conditions contributing to their premature deaths. More deaths were caused by mixed martial arts than MMA.

Let’s say we take hockey as an example. Hockey players can achieve speeds of 25mph. This is the fastest speed. This is 40mph for two people skating at 20mph. At that speed, it is possible to knock someone unconscious. Hitting ice or a hard surface can cause death. A head injury on the ice has led to more than one death. A frozen puck in the chest has also caused players to die. This isn’t old-school hockey. Graham Christie died in 1997 when a puck placed in his chest stopped his heartbeat. Miran Schrott: What do you think? Miran Schrott was hit in the chest by an opposing player and died. His heart stopped after he was hit in the chest by an opponent player. The speed of the players and their puck speeds, as well as player-to-player and player-to-surface (i.e. More deaths will occur due to the boards and the surface.

Football’s history is worse than hockey’s. Football has seen many deaths over its history. These deaths are not to mention the many debilitating or career-ending injuries such as paralysis. In the 26 years between 1982 and 2008, 325 people died from direct or indirect football injuries. Direct injuries are fatalities caused by football’s fundamental skills, such as blocking or tackling. Indirect injuries are injuries that occur from the exertion of football activities, or secondary injuries (like a heat stroke and heart attack). Between 1931 and 2008, the only year without a football fatality was 1990.

It is amazing to see that football has not been criticized as a dangerous sport. However, mixed martial arts such as mixed martial are still called “barbaric” or “human cockfighting” by ignorant people. This fundamental misconception is harmful to the legitimacy and success of the sport as an elite sporting endeavor. Boxing is the most dangerous sport for serious injuries or fatalities. Boxing gloves weigh between 14-16 oz and are designed to protect the hands, not the head. The gloves do a remarkable job protecting punchers’ hands. He can punch more opponents head and cause more brain damage with the larger gloves than he would with smaller gloves like the MMA fighters use. The MMA gloves are 4oz.

They offer moderate protection to the hand but permit knockouts to occur. It is amazing to think that knockouts could be this safe. This is safer than repetitive blunt force trauma. Boxing is designed to make your opponent unconscious, or incapacitated by repeatedly hitting his head. Rarely will one fighter throw in the towel to save their fighter. This is unmanly and embarrassing. There are many ways for mixed martial arts to end fights. Brazilian jujitsu does not consider submission to be a stigma, no matter if it is due strike, choke or joint lock. It is considered intelligent to submit for strikes or joint locks in order to avoid serious injury.

Boxers, as well as hockey and football players, may find it more challenging than MMA men. While you fight another day, you can stack smarter and more experienced MMA men on top. You can either train to be a fighter or participate in mma St Louis, Chicago, New York or Las Vegas. It is important to choose a respected, safe school to train at.

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